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1985 – 2024


EJC Systems

Automatic Test

Test Systems of varied sizes and complexity are a specialty of EJC Systems. From concept through development, fabrication, and customer integration, the EJC Systems team brings experience and expertise to ensure every customer receives exactly what was requested.


ATP / ESS Test Station

Automated Test System designed to perform acceptance testing and enviromental cycle testing on military power supplies.

ESS Test System User Interface

Custom software screen used by operators to control ESS testing.


IR Test System User Interface

Control screen for operation of automated IR Test System

ESS Test Station

Used to perform automated ESS test procedures.


Power Supply Test Station

Optimized for high production use, this test station performs extensive testing on a Mil-Spec power supply with minimal operator interaction. Quickly performs hundreds of test measurements from bonding resistances and dynamic loading to turn-on timing, all with complete report generation. Specially designed “quick connect” holding fixture, bar-code scanner, and large touch-screen interface enhance the system’s performance. Contact us to discuss your project requirements

Automated Test Station

Designed to support concurrent testing of five test articles. Operates and monitors solenoid valves, flow and pressure instrumentation, AC and DC power supplies, and precision electrical instrumentation interfaces. Controls Gas Chromograph and Particle Counter instruments to perform fully automated testing. Contact us to discuss your project requirements

Actuator Tester

Performs acceptance testing of Servo Actuators. The machine comprises an industrial, rack-mounted PC, computer-controlled data acquisition, programmable power supplies, instrumentation, signal conditioners, and isolators. Custom software was developed to support these interfaces and to automatically perform testing. Contact us to discuss your project requirements

Interface Test Adapters

Units designed to test circuit card assemblies by adapting general-purpose test station resources to UUT interfaces. Contact us to discuss your project requirements

Test Station Control Software

Test station and custom LabView software developed to exercise eight UUTs during Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). Contact us to discuss your project requirements

B-2 Stealth Bomber Avionics Equipment Testing

EJC Systems has supported Honeywell International and Northrop Grumman with automatic B-2 Stealth Bomber avionics equipment test stations. The CIDS-STE (Central Instrument Display System—Special Test Equipment) plays an essential role in the program by performing unit burn-in testing, acceptance testing, and supporting various qualification tests.

Key characteristics and interfaces of this test system include:

  • Automatic Test System
  • Honeywell – Click for larger
  • Multiple 1553 Mux busses
  • Multiple 100Base-T ethernet interfaces
  • Multiple RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces
  • Analog inputs & outputs
  • Discrete inputs & outputs
  • Precision thermocouple simulation
  • Programmable AC & DC power supplies
  • Full system self-test
  • Software-based calibration

The highly modular test system software has been developed in LabView. A menu-driven user interface provides access to all of the system testing functions. The selection of test script files offers flexible testing capabilities. In addition to fully automated testing, a full complement of manual functions is provided for development and troubleshooting. Test results are recorded in disk files and may be printed as fully formatted MS Word documents. Contact us to discuss your project requirements

Manual Leakage Tests

This PC-based test station was programmed using LabView and performs extensive test and measurement functions. Capable of signal conditioning and data acquisition for test item voltages, currents, waveshapes, pressures, temperatures, and flow. Controls thermal chamber to automate thermal cycling, burn-in, and acceptance tests. The test system is used in testing electronics modules and valves used on the International Space Station (ISS). Contact us to discuss your project requirements

Manufacturing Test Station

Panel PC-based test stand performs final assembly tests on industrial paint sprayers using custom-developed LabView software. Contact us to discuss your project requirements

GPS Burn-in System

A fully automated Burn-In system capable of monitoring and testing electronics modules that are used in satellite equipment. Contact us to discuss your project requirements